Shinsekai Yori characters - 12 & 14 yr old versions

One by one, I’ve lost my loved ones. My sister. Shun. Maria and Mamoru. If I lose Satoru as well, I’ll be all alone.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that there will come a day when we can meet again.


Shinsekai Yori - Finale Scenery

The power of imagination is what changes everything.

and i know, we go deeper than skin.

 Happy Moments Saki & Maria / 新世界より  

Shinsekai Yori 25: Scenery

Shinsekai Yori ED 1 / Wareta Ringo (Broken Apple)

Deep within my chest, I carry

A green apple that brings tears to my eyes.

Falling over, (even if I get hurt)

Pretending to be strong,

I glare at the restrictive sky.

I’m not going to just wait obediently

For destiny to ripen it.


animanga recommendation: shinsekai yori: from the new world

"in the mind, one’s consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg. what lies beneath the surface… the subconscious… is far more vast."