Total Dark - a short story by Tarwater Studio.

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tonight’s episode

- phobias? - fears? - hates?

-Lo que se dice Fobia, no xD
-Fears: Estar sólo y que mis seres queridos mueran 
-Hates: Hipocrecía

TROLL MODE ON: fuck/kiss/marry/kill ... monse/sasu/piri/yordi

You bastard!!! xD

 F: Piri
K: Yordi
M: Monse
K: Sasu

Shinsekai Yori characters - 12 & 14 yr old versions

One by one, I’ve lost my loved ones. My sister. Shun. Maria and Mamoru. If I lose Satoru as well, I’ll be all alone.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that there will come a day when we can meet again.


Shinsekai Yori - Finale Scenery

The power of imagination is what changes everything.

and i know, we go deeper than skin.